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West Virginia's Leader in Custom Fall Protection 

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Keep Them Safe.

You care about your people, and you want to keep them safe. Injuries also damage workplace morale and create almost unlimited liability.

Construction Worker

Stay OSHA Compliant.

Safety regulations are not always intuitive. Our experts will help you navigate the minefield which is OSHA & state compliance. 

Technicians at Work

Maximize Productivity.

Well-engineered fall protection equipment doesn't just keep you safe. It helps you get the job done faster and more efficiently. 

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Free Consultation

Save time by getting right on the phone with one of our fall protection experts. 


Safety by Design

We have decades of experience designing & building custom fall protection equipment. When it comes to safety, McAbe should be your first call.


What industries does McAbe, Inc. serve with custom fall protection services?

McAbe has nearly four decades of experience in fall protection. We can serve the needs of any niche market since our work is completely custom. We have frequently served the chemical, petrochemical, refining, agricultural, food processing, pharmaceutical, mining, power generation, plastics and steels industries. However, there is no limit the many applications of our fall protection experience. 


Why do I need a fall protection analysis? 

If you operate a work environment where your employees are doing height work, a fall protection analysis is crucial for a number of reasons. First and foremost, you want to make sure you are cultivating a safe work environment to prevent injuries and proactively avoid risk for injuries. But a safe work environment also boosts employee morale. When they feel safe and know you’re taking active measures to keep them safe, they feel valued, respected, and cared for, all which contribute to the success of your business. But a safe environment also increases productivity. Your staff feels safe and therefore more confident in their abilities, allowing them to work more efficiently without having to guard against risks for a fall. Call now and we will give you a free consultation and get you started today. 


What does a fall protection analysis look like? 

When we come to perform a fall protection analysis, we cover every inch of your facilities. We check for areas where an opportunity for an injury or fall is present. Once we’ve thoroughly surveyed your space, we then discuss your options to increase safety and reduce risk for falls. McAbe, Inc. has solutions for every industry and every need. We will ensure that you are operating at the highest standards of safety and can answer any questions you have about cultivating a proactively safe workplace. 


What does it cost to get a fall protection needs analysis?​

We are experts in OSHA compliance, safety engineering, and workplace optimization. We provide free onsite analyses to let you know what regulatory requirements you may be facing, what best practices you may want to implement, and ways that your workflow could proceed more smoothly. Call to set up a consultation.


Why should I have McAbe, Inc. advise my business with a fall protection analysis?  

​As an employer, the responsibility for a safe work environment rests on your shoulders. You are the one who must assess the safety and structural integrity of the working environment. Additionally, you must determine whether safety equipment is needed and, if so, provide the proper fall protection systems that comply with OSHA requirements. While this seems like a clear-cut plan, assessing your risks and selecting proper equipment takes in-depth knowledge in order to keep everyone safe. For almost 40 years, our fall prevention experts have equipped business owners to create a safe and productive workspace with our analysis and equipment resources. 


What kind of fall protection should I be employing? 

OSHA refers to guardrail and ladder system solutions as conventional fall protection. Here at McAbe Inc., we specialize these types of safety equipment for your factory, warehouse, or processing center. OSHA encourages employers to choose systems that prevent falls of any kind by utilizing guardrail systems. The team at McAbe, Inc., can outfit your workplace with safety systems throughout to prevent falls and keep your employees feeling safe and, therefore, happier and more productive. 


Does every facility need fall protection?

In the US, OSHA requires fall protection when work is being done at six feet above the surface below it. If you’re going to be working at this height or above, you are legally required to provide fall prevention systems for your employees. If you have questions about the requirements for your workplace, we would love to talk with you, asses your needs, and then outfit you with equipment that will keep you OSHA-compliant and your employees safe. 


What is the typical lifespan of fall protection products?


How long your fall protection lasts depends on three factors: the environment in which it’s being used, the behavior of the end-user, and the quality of the product. It’s up to you to ensure the first two factors. But you can trust that as far as the third factor, the quality of your fall protection products, McAbe, Inc. will deliver. We stand behind the products we sell because we know that your safety is in our hands. We don’t take that level of trust lightly. Call now, and we will talk you through the products you need and provide the top-level equipment on the market. 


Why is a fall protection ladder a better option than a tradition ladder? 

It’s obvious that a fixed, OSHA-compliant ladder system is going to be much safer than other ladders because of the regulations and standards they have to meet. But our ladder systems also help boost productivity. When an employee feels safe, they are able to work more confidently and more efficiently. Additionally, there is no time wasted moving and securing ladders. You know that when we install a piece of equipment, it is secure and not going anywhere. Call now to see how we can offer you and your staff peace of mind today. 


What’s the difference between permanent and temporary fall protection?

Permanent fall protection is affixed directly to a structure and is ready for immediate use. Temporary fall protection has to be installed when work needs to be performed at certain heights. After the job is complete, the equipment can be removed. Depending on your needs, our team can provide both types of safety equipment and help you know how to safely use it. 


How can I know if my roof is suitable for fall protection

Thankfully, almost every roof can be fitted with one of our fall protection systems. Don’t let doubts about suitability prevent you from reaching out and getting the safety protection you need. Call us now, and we will discuss your options and find a safety solution that is perfect for your buildings, structures, and spaces.

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